Born in Tongeren, Belgium (1994).

Selma Gurbuz achieved her bachelor for Visual Design and Photography at the LUCA School of Arts in Genk, Belgium. She’s been experimenting with the artistic medium since she was 15 years old, developing an aptitude for self-portrait in her preliminary stages. This is still visible in some of her current work. Her passion for visual expression manifests itself in static and dynamic imagery. An image that projects a unique world vision, in which Selma clarifies particular emotions and events.


Selma tries to create an awakening of the world around her. Her projects, mostly based on research, are situations that occur in our society on a daily basis. These situations play an important role in the changing future that lies ahead of us. She shows us these aspects of the future by combining artificial images and images that come from the immediate reality. While doing this, she tries to handle a specific colour palette. Thus creating some sort of a surrealistic impression in her work.